Who does Biohazard PRO serve?

Family & Friends



Residential Communities

Although being a Boston, Massachusetts Bio Cleaning company, Biohazard PRO technicians will serve any U.S. state.   

Naturally, the communities in which our native New England company serves the most are that within the northeast of America, including Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Maine, Vermont, Rhode Island, Connecticut, and New York.  

We have access to technicians all around the USA so please don't hesitate to call if you are located in another state. 

Property Managers



Rental Properties

Tragedy happens in many ways, shapes, and forms when you're a property manager. Your job is to keep things in order  so that you can maximize on your investments and keep your tenants satisfied. Whether you are selling or renting a property, time is money and we will get the job done quick so you can resume business as usual.

Commercial & Industrial



Accidents Happen

Safety is the core focus of most organizations, but industrial accidents can happen from the smallest mistakes. Business and production counts on you getting things restored and back up and running as soon as possible. You can trust that Biohazard PRO will have your office or work areas clean and reoccupied in a timely manner.




Houses For Sale Or Lease

 Your job is to keep things in order so that you can maximize the efficiency of the sale of your customer's property. Whether you are selling or leasing a home, cleanliness and orderliness are the most important factors to make a good impression on potential buyers. Whether you are dealing with hoarders, trash houses, squalor, pet stains, pet odor, cigarette smoke odor, cooking odor, and more, we will help you. Biohazard PRO can help you increase the chances of a sale and increase the value of the property. 

Insurance Companies



Biohazard PRO Can Prevent Further Damage

Biohazard insurance claims can be hard to deal. We can work directly with insurance companies during the claims process. Delayed treatment for blood and bio matter in a home or vehicle can cause further damage and stigma, so we will make sure we respond and treat the property as quick and safely as possible. Thorough documentation is a detail we pay close attention to.

Working With Insurance Companies

Biohazard PRO works with insurance companies that are interested in establishing long term relationships, beating almost all Blue Book Cost Guide's prices for biohazard and trauma cleaning, in exchange for volume of biohazard claims.

Rental Car & Livery Companies



Vehicle Bio & Odor Removal

As the go to vendor for the largest rental car companies in New England (and the world), a great deal of our business is decontamination of vehicles. Sometimes you never know what you find when a vehicle comes back or if one of your vehicles was involved in a crime or trauma. 

Sometimes vehicles are affected with blood, urine, feces, vomit, and sometimes contain drugs, fentanyl, and other drug paraphernalia. We can treat any vehicle at the vehicle's location in a timely manner in order for you to be able to rent, sell, or send the vehicle to auction.

The Biohazard PRO Relationship Incentive

Biohazard PRO is already the preferred biohazard and odor remediation company for some of the largest car rental companies around. We have the ability to get your vehicle back in service or sent to the auction as quick as possible.

We offer special prices to customers that establish relationships with Biohazard PRO on a volume basis.

Motels, Hotels, Resorts, & Cruise Ships



Resume Business As Usual

Just like rental cars, your business depends on how fast you can get a room affected with biohazards rented again. It is very common that people will use your property for a place to do illegal or traumatic things. Our job is to come in and return your property to a rentable condition again, all while keeping you, your staff, and your guests safe. Never have one of your employees attempt to clean up something they are not trained or certified to do.

First Responders



Biohazard PRO Assists Police, Fire, EMT, & More

Trauma and death is almost an everyday occurrence for first responders. Cleanup is often an afterthought being that your focus is to help the individuals involved in an emergency call. We can help families and business continue with their life in a timely manner by removing all traces of blood, death, and even the aftermath of scenes involving fentanyl or clandestine drug labs.

Government & Military



Biohazard PRO Is Here To Assist

Biohazard PRO will be able to assist in any needs for professional decontamination whether it be from death and trauma to outbreaks of communicable diseases. 

Funeral Homes & Directors



Death Care Services

When horrific events like death or suicide occur, families may inquire about who can cleanup their property after a traumatic event. You can rely on us to be a trustworthy partner in helping families return back to a home that is much more peaceful than they last remembered it. We realize how important it is to help the community during times of death, and we would be happy to remove the doubt and guesswork by working side-by-side with you.

Cruise Ships & Airlines



Sanitary Sailing

Just like rental cars, motels, hotels, resorts, restaurants, and more, your business depends on how fast you can get a ship or plane affected with biohazards occupied again. Our job is to come in and return your ship or plane back to a sanitary condition again, all while keeping you, your staff, and your guests safe. Never have one of your employees attempt to clean up something they are not trained or certified to do. 

Know The Law


Federal regulation 29CFR1910.1030 states that no employer can place you in a position to be exposed to or cleanup blood or bodily fluids without first:

  1. Receiving bloodborne pathogen training from an approved trainer.
  2. Having a written bloodborne pathogen exposure control plan in place.
  3. Having work practice controls in place to protect employees.
  4. Having been provided personal protective equipment specific to the job.
  5. Having been offered in writing and free of charge, Hepatitis B vaccination.
  6. Having a way to properly package, transport, and dispose of contaminants in medical waste.

    If you or your employer has not completed everything on this list, law states that you are not allowed to be exposed to blood or bodily fluids to fulfill any work duties. Violation of this law can result in severe fines and even imprisonment. 


Ask if you are qualified for preferred vendor pricing.