Why should you have your carpets professionally cleaned?

Hygiene, Health, & Beauty

The looks and life of your carpet depends heavily on the overall maintenance it receives. Proper cleaning will keep it looking great for its full lifetime, help improve indoor air quality, and help you adhere to your carpet's warranty! Having professionals clean your carpet helps protect your investment by preventing you from prematurely replacing it. Our professional carpet cleaning methods are recommended by all major carpet manufacturers and provides the most efficient results by flushing the harmful sticky and gritty soils, germs, and viruses out by thoroughly rinsing them right out of your carpet with hot steam, and extracting it into our truck-mounted industrial steam-extraction machine. If you live in the Woburn or Boston, Massachusetts area, be sure to give us a call (or send a message below) for a free estimate.

Cleaning and transforming some of the dirtiest carpets in Massachusetts.

Cleaning and transforming some of the dirtiest carpets in Massachusetts.

How do professionals clean carpet?

Knowledge, Science, & State-Of-The-Art Equipment

Some companies do what's called a "splash and dash". Not us; we only use the most thorough and effective processes to ensure that we can remove as much soil, spots, and contamination from the carpets as possible. We can and have rescued some of the dirtiest and grungiest carpet you've laid your eyes on. Having started and specialized in bio-remediation first, we have a very strong understanding of how important it is to keep you and your home clean and safe; using the best procedures, preventing cross-contamination (if applicable), and safeguarding your family, pets, and property. We even go to the extent of which we clean and decontaminate all of our equipment (and ourselves) before we service the next property, that way we are not bringing any contamination from someone else's property to your property (or our own for that matter).

Here are some of the detailed steps we take during the treatment of your carpets

  • Inspect carpet and identify any damage, specific soiling, type of carpet fiber, and/or contamination in order to develop a more specific scope of work.
  • Pre-Vacuum the room to lift and remove any loose debris. 
  • Apply an effective detergent pre-spray that will break-up the soils from carpet fibers
  • Agitate the pre-spray so that the detergent works its way deep into the carpet fibers
  • Hot water extract (HWE method) using high powered state-of-the-art truck-mounted industrial cleaning equipment
  • Spotting if necessary; for certain types of non-permanent marks that require extra attention and elbow grease
  • Grooming carpet fibers to provide a "like-new" look
  • Drying with air movers - Carpets take up to 1 to 6 hours to dry completely depending on the level of soiling and the carpet type
  • Scotch-guarding carpet for more protection and less maintenance (if applicable)

Drying carpets after they have been cleaned.

Drying carpets after they have been cleaned.

Achieve Healthier Indoor Air Quality With Carpet Cleaning

Breathe Fresh & Have A Peace Of Mind

Your home's carpets act as a giant filter trapping in soil, dust, debris, allergens, and contamination. Because of this, carpets in general improve air quality because they act this way, BUT just like your HVAC system (if you have one), you would have to change out your filter every 6 months to ensure that it continues to filter correctly. 

Common misconceptions are that individuals with allergies or asthma should avoid carpeting in the home. Contrary to such, the opposite is true. Studies have indicated that properly maintained carpet helps reduce symptoms and is the smartest flooring choice for those suffering from allergies or asthma. When carpet is kept clean and dry, compounds such as mold can be prevented from growing. Furthermore, carpet has been recognized as one of the lowest emitters for volatile organic compounds among a variety of flooring options and interior finishes. 

Although most people wouldn't think that clean carpet could improve indoor air quality, it does have a very profound effect. Gravity causes household particles, such as dust, debris, pollen, insect / pet dander, and more to settle on the floors. Carpet fibers trap the particles, removing/reducing them from breathing circulation in the air. Routine and professional cleaning by Biohazard PRO effectively removes contaminants from the carpet and helps keep them out of the air you breathe.

Peace of mind with clean air to breathe in.

Peace of mind with clean air to breathe in.

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