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Biohazard tape cautioning people to stay out.

Death Odor

Being that bio cleaning is our specialty, we are really good at ridding any space of dangerous biohazards and odors of a decomposing body. There is no odor more pungent and difficult to remove than the smell of death. This odor penetrates all porous materials as well as affecting areas like your HVAC system. This odor is also dangerous to treat for when the contamination becomes airborne, your health may be at severe risk. The only way to get rid of this smell is with a thorough biohazard remediation process. These services are covered under most insurance policies.

Removing pet stains and odor from a home with a cute puppy.

Pet Odor

Pets are not just pets, they're family. Unfortunately your furry family produces a few different kinds of odors. These include odors caused by urine, feces, vomit, and more commonly by the oils released from their skin and fur. Pouring disinfectant or over-the-counter pet stain products on to the soiled area is simply not good enough. Not even regular carpet cleaning will do the trick. These methods may not break down the salts and crystals that make up the remnants producing the odor, and they can remain in the carpet, padding, and/or sub-flooring. Specialized treatment, extraction, O3 shock treatment, and thermal fogging may be required for successful results.

Cigarette smoke caused by a smoker in the home.

Smoke Odor

Smoke odor is caused by a few different ways. Whether the smoke was caused by fire, cigarettes, or cooking, we can get rid of the smell. First the smoke needs to be cleaned off all surfaces it has made contact with. In some cases, sanding, sealing, and/or painting entire surfaces are necessary. After, we finish by pumping massive amounts of O3 gas in to the affected area with commercial ozone generators. An additional step of thermal fogging may be appropriate for final touches. Smoke damage caused by fires are covered under home or business insurance policies most of the time.

Odor Removal


Need services for things like pet or cigarette odor removal? Looking to increase the value of your home or vehicle? Does either one contain pungent smells caused by death, pets, or smoke? Biohazard PRO are professional forensic cleaners that have mastered the art of making the worst smells disappear naturally. They say the secret is in their method; odor removal is a multi-stage process that cannot be totally achieved by only accomplishing one of the steps. Odors are also invisible, so you have to know where to find the source of the odor and eliminate that first. Sometimes that's a process in of itself.

Biohazard PRO uses a few noteworthy methods in their multi-stage odor removal process, such as ozone shock treatment and thermal fogging. Both if done correctly will naturally destroy all odors in your home or vehicle. Ozone is O3 gas which is the same thing that thunderstorms create after lightning has struck. Ever notice how it smells clean after? This is the most natural decontamination and odor remediation process there is. Special commercial ozone generators are used to replicate the process that happens during a thunderstorm, and it works! After the ozone odor removal, adding an additional thermal fogging process will make the odor removal a successful and great smelling effort. 

What are some of the things that are involved in the odor removal of death, pets, and smoke? Sometimes it is removing all biohazards caused by an unattended death. Other times it is finding cat pee, dog pee, or spots where pets spend the most time to thoroughly extract all remnants from the area before shock treatments. And other times things like smoke odor involves washing walls and other large surfaces, sanding, sealing, and/or painting. Every job is different.  

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