Due to the sensitive and graphic nature of some of our crime, trauma, and death scene cleaning services, viewer discretion is advised when viewing the content on this page.

You may wonder whether or not Biohazard PRO will post pictures or videos from your property if you hire us; not without your permission we don't. If you request that we do not post any pictures or videos, we will honor those wishes. Because of this, we do not post all of our work, even if some of our contracts have yielded extremely successful results for the client. If indeed you do allow us, and you change your mind later, we will absolutely take them down for you. We also NEVER EVER reveal the identity of our customers, whether residential or commercial, to honor the confidentiality and privacy of our clients. The purpose we share such content is to show the next person the capabilities of our work. Another very important reason is that most clients feel that when they call us that they are dealing with the worst problem ever, and can be extremely embarrassing or distressing, and our content has most certainly helped many clients understand that we have definitely seen and cleaned worse. There is no job too extreme for Biohazard PRO to clean.

All content we post, we either have permission to post it, or have no personal connection to the parties that may have been involved.


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