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What skills are required?

What is Biohazard PRO looking for?

What is Biohazard PRO looking for?

While some technicians come from a restoration or construction background, others may be law enforcement, first responders, veterans, or even customer service associates. Collectively, these backgrounds combined yield a few helpful skills required to work as a biohazard remediation technician; focusing on aftermath cleaning.

The required skills to be a technician vary, though there are a few specific to this field of work that can only be acquired through specialized training through studying and hands on experience. Trauma cleaners must be highly trained and qualified to perform this kind of work.

In conclusion, some of the backgrounds and skills mentioned are preferred but not necessary, for continuous comprehensive training will be conducted by the company to see that you are fit for the roll. 

One of the most important skills to have is not even a skill, but rather a trait: ambition. At Biohazard PRO, there will be ample opportunity to move up the ladder. We are looking for smart and hard working team-playing individuals who are willing to prove they want to increase the quality of their life!

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What is Biohazard PRO looking for?

What is Biohazard PRO looking for?

What is Biohazard PRO looking for?

Biohazard PRO will train all new employees of the many required skills, and we are seeking professionals with the following qualities:

Compassion- In the field, technicians may witness different types of tragic and difficult scenarios. Our professional cleaning techs are trained to provide support and reassurance when necessary, all while remaining focused on getting the job done right.

Commitment- BiohazardPRO is a team of dedicated emergency cleaning responders, so that when families and businesses need us, we will be there for them. Employees must be willing to support our commitment to provide service 24/7, 365 days a year.

Stamina- The tech teams must be willing to own the physically challenging nature of forensic cleaning work while wearing personal protective equipment (PPE), including a white hazmat suit, full face mask and respirator, booties, tyvek sleeves, and two pairs of gloves. The tech teams often move objects of 50 pounds or more on any given site all while wearing the proper equipment.

Safety-Aware- Most importantly, our employees must demonstrate substantial attention to details, problem solving skills, and an eager willingness to follow proper policies and procedures. This is not only to ensure the job is done right, but more importantly, your health and safety!

Morality- All candidates are subject to a background check (CORI),  and possess a satisfactory driving record. Biohazard PRO also conducts random drug tests, because not only do we take your personal safety very seriously, but our customers trust us with their homes and businesses, their safety, and their personal property.

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