Free Estimates & In-Person Inspections

How do I get an estimate from Biohazard PRO?

There are two ways to receive a free estimate:

  • Free in-person inspection and estimate on any affected properties of which their address is located within a 25 mile distance of Woburn, Massachusetts. 
  • Free "ball park" estimate can be given by sending as many detailed pictures as you can. You can either email them directly to, or upload them into a Dropbox folder and share with

***In some cases, if it is felt that enough information has been collected either in person or over the phone/email, a flat fee for services may be provided***

Very rarely can we offer an accurate estimate over the phone without having seen the property or vehicle first. The most accurate estimates are generated by first seeing the property or vehicle. That's why an in person inspection or pictures would be required to receive a price or price range.

On-site inspections or estimates that exceed a 25 mile distance (one way), but do not exceed 90 miles (one way) in distance, of Woburn, Massachusetts will be subject to a $300 inspection fee (before tax). In most cases, this fee will be credited to the final invoice of the job if Biohazard PRO is hired for biohazard remediation services. On-site inspections that exceed 90 miles in distance from Woburn, Massachusetts are subject to custom pricing, of which other travel and lodging costs may be included.

DISCLAIMER: Estimates are not a guarantee of cost for services. Estimates are based on current information collected about the project requirements up until the submitting of the estimate to the Client. Actual cost may change once further project elements are discovered, finalized, or negotiated. In most cases, Clients will be notified of any changes in procedures or costs prior to them being incurred. 

Biohazard PRO offers free and accurate estimates.

Biohazard PRO offers free and accurate estimates.